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A sweet emerald holding hands with a line of natural diamonds.

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• 18K white gold
• Approx. 1.12 ct. tw. round cut natural diamonds
• F-H/VS
• 0.69 ct. pear shape natural Zambian emerald
• 7" length with 6 3/8" option with lobster clasp

How to Love

• First and Foremost: No Flash Photography (IYKYK😘).
• Annual Check-ups: Recommended for loose gems in settings, prong integrity, rhodium wear.
• Pool Rules: Emeralds, pearls and other porous gems should not be submerged or exposed to water— it dries out the gems and leads to cracking.
• Housekeeping: No household chores while wearing your jewels; do not clean your jewelry with harsh chemicals, perfume, hairspray, toothpaste, alcohol or acetone— especially emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls.
• Gym Etiquette: Do not lift weights or participate in outdoor activities while wearing your jewelry. Platinum rings, in particular, will bend out of shape. Hard impact can crack or chip your stone.
• Storage Suggestion: Store each piece separate from other jewelry or in soft pouches.
• SPF 50: Protect your gems from extreme temperatures, or extended periods of sunlight.
• Use of Heavy Machinery: Do not clean emeralds in ultrasonic or steam cleaners, these can damage or crack the stone.
• DIY Cleaning: Please use an extra soft toothbrush with warm water and a mild dish soap.
• House Rules for Emeralds: Occasionally dab a drop of baby oil onto a q-tip and allow it to soak into the top of the stone and underneath if possible. Wipe away excess oil with a soft cloth.


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